Hello !

I’m Margot, I’m 29 years old and I have a Bachelor degree specialized in graphic design and motion design. I speak French, English and Portuguese, I’m currently living in France.

I am deeply passionate about art in so many forms and the digital world we are living in is giving us access to so many ressources, it’s giving us many opportunities to use art to show the world our message.

I’ve been creating illustrations in digital forms using Illustrator mainly but I’ve been drawing a lot using dotwork technique. I’ve been inspired a lot by the tattoo world and the many styles it holds. Recently, I became interested by makeup as a form of art and expression and I’ve been able to enjoy it a lot as well as improving my skills, in my free time I love to create colorful makeup and SFX makeups. I did have a youtube channel focused on makeup but with my studies I didn’t have the time to focus as much as I’ve should on it, but I would love to continue to share my passion through videos. That’s why I’ve been creating content on Tiktok and Instagram, this is definitely a way to share a message and I’m really interested in these platforms.